We're currently conducting a model search for PLAYPEN BABES. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply. We're looking for energetic, open minded ladies with bubbling personalities and who consider themselves HOT! So whether you're a pro...or the next hottest newcomer, and you love being in front of the camera, send in your application and "show the world" what you've got!

How to apply to become a Playpen Magazine "Playpen Babe"

Applicants for Playpen Magazine Babes should send us 3 recent photographs (digital only and NOT retouched!). One that shows full-length, total frontal nudity, one that shows full-length, total back nudity, and One head shot. We need to see your body AND how pretty you are!

Submission must include copies of at least TWO ID's (at least one official/state/gov issued photo ID) as proof of applicant's age. No submissions can be accepted without age verification. Applicants should also include some basic biographical information such as job, school, and modeling experience if any, your likes, dislikes, height, weight and measurements (be truthful!), along with your postal mailing address, telephone number and DIRECT e-mail contact. Applicants accepted for consideration can expect to be contacted within 4-6 weeks of submission. No digital images will be returned and all information will be kept confident. We will NOT share your info PERIOD!

For an idea of what we're looking for click HERE.

Send all Playpen Magazine Babe inquires to:

Editor at PlaypenMagazine.com

What else….

There are a number of other modeling opportunities at Playpen Magazine including Special Editions, possible modeling assignments for Playpen Magazine.com as models, spokes persons, and hostesses. Additionally, there will be a special section for Playpen Hometown Babes, a section dedicated specifically to "girl next door" types. If not selected as a Playpen Babe, applicants are automatically reviewed for their potential to qualify for these other modeling opportunities. Modeling fees paid for assignments vary depending on the assignment.

In addition, one Playpen Magazine Babe each year is selected as Playpen Magazine's "Babe of the Year". Most Playpen Babes have the opportunity to earn additional modeling fees through personal appearances as arranged by Playpen Magazine Promotions as well as other modeling assignments generated within Playpen Magazine.

Note from the Editor of Playpen Magazine -

"There are few things in life so rewarding as doing what you love for a living. Along with that go a few words of wisdom that were passed to me and that I shall always remember: "You never know unless you try" and "Nothing beats a fail but a try" ....so live it up Baby!"